The Maximalistas' Dream

We select products according to current trends and outfits that are in style. Ideas for new products come from our sourcing department as well as from our community, or from retailers that we trust because their products are of high quality.

It should be noted that we are a small team and that at Maximalistas we do not intend to become manufacturers, or have a huge operation. What we do want is to offer products of excellent quality backed by integrity and great customer service and a powerful and active online presence.

We are guided by the catwalks and things that inspire us and we want to be authentic in a market that can be tenacious in terms of these issues. We know from the inside the reality of factories and suppliers and we know that nowadays all information is found on the internet - this is our reason to be brutally honest and real.

We seek at the same time to be sustainable, to support good causes, to create impact in a market that allows it and for our community to guide our steps. We want to evolve.

From the inside out, we look for ways and processes that align us to create our products in the future, growing together with all those who support our maximalist crazy ideas.