About Maximalistas

We like to think of Maximalistas as a little different from other fashion websites. Created in Shanghai for the USA and with sister websites already successfully operating in Spain and France, our vision is to change the perception that many people have when thinking of 'made in China' from 'greater quantity' to 'higher quality.'

We carefully select the products we sell, using a process of trend study, supplier research and a well-honed instinct for fashion to offer you clothing that will become versatile pieces in your closet.

Our website is built using the concept of community, in which our customers are at the same time editors, creators and part of our team. For our part, we take our time to choose avant-garde products with a slightly exaggerated look - because we love the elegance of excess that is based on combining good taste with an eye for the unusual, especially when it comes to mixing styles, fabrics or forms.

We are individual as a brand but diverse as a team - we are Latinos, North Americans, Asians and Europeans. Each member is specialized in what they do, from the study of fashion trends to logistics; we have different skills, different cultures and very different tastes - and that is something that is reflected in our collection.

Welcome to Maximalists!