March 20, 2018

In life there are many aesthetic trends represented in art and fashion and minimalism and maximalism are two polar opposites. 

minimalist fashion

Minimalism, for its part, seeks absolute purity of the form. It represents something simple and is almost "empty" presenting as such in its linear forms and defined spaces, along with an all round "less is more" approach. It was perhaps at its peak in the 1990s and this aesthetic style seeks to highlight the simplicity of neutral colors and is often rigid and avant-garde with the minimum possible number of elements. It combine shapes with monotone colors in conjunction with ornaments that don't 'abuse' the composition.

Maximalism, on the other hand, aims to innovate with movement and making use of space. it poses the idea that more is always better. It seeks harmony between the classic and the modern, finding the exact point between the juxtapositions of concepts where they merge in a pleasing way by  exaggerating style and color. Maximalist fashion always implements elements that bring joy, color and movement, but with comfort and functionality.

maximalist floral fashion

For us, maximalism in an enriched form of minimalism.