March 20, 2018

Embodying the Baroque period and the glamour of Marie Antoinette, maximalism aims to cast aside what, since the 1960s, has been known as minimalism, counteracting it at every point. As a form of expression in which "more is more", it seeks to create harmony by mixing different shapes, patterns, colors and styles.

From classic to futuristic pieces, Maximalism opens a window to the eclectic, the ostentatious and the complex. Beloved by many, this trend in art, architecture, style and personality has been at the forefront, and has been represented in, multiple forms of expression in both the arts and day to day life. The highly stylized movie about the life of true maximalist, the iconic Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola and staring Kirsten Dunst, is one of the most famous examples of pop culture in this regard.

Marie Antoinette movie Kirsten Dunst

There are those who think that Minimalism - with all due respect - is boring: it leaves too much space for very few things, wasting structures and concepts, reducing what could be something incredible to something so simple that it can mean nothing.

On the other side, for the extremists, the ostentatious, the brilliant, the lovers of "more is more", Maximalism is the purest expression of the significant. With renowned creators such as Sasha Bikoff, Custo Barcelona, ​​Gao Minglu, Frank Zappa and David Foster Wallace all working or having worked in different areas of artistic expression and composition this style is a mix of multiple expressions.

We call this maximalism and we aim to make your true voice heard.